Saira, Canadian, 15, French. Maria, 14, French; Canadian Into all them Bollywood things *watch out huge crazy habs fans*



i cant even make a straight line while using a ruler why do people expect so much from me

brush stroked bollywood
» inspired by maayavi and hindifilmhero

Indian Fashion: 46/∞

Indian Fashion: 46/∞

"We are accused of terrorism
If we refuse to die
with Israel’s bulldozers
tearing our land
tearing our history
tearing our Evangelium
tearing our Koran
tearing the graves of our prophets
If this was our sin,
then, lo, how beautiful terrorism is?"  - Nizar Qabbani (via palestiniangirl88)

Song: Never Let Me Go
Artist: Florence and The Machine
Album: Ceremonials
Played: 6,501 times

"Ishk hai kya yeh kisko pata, yeh ishk hai kya sabko pata
 Yeh prem nagar anjaan dagar, saajan kaa ghar kaa kisko khabar
 Chhotee see umar yeh lamba safar, yeh ishk hai kya yeh kisko pata
 Yeh dard hai ya dardo kee dava"


 asked: Shah Rukh Khan

→ Favorite film: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)


I was in science class and we were having sour patch candies and a guy sitting behind me had some of the sour powder on his shirt and he jokingly said “oops i overdosed cocaine” and our teacher heard and responded saying “welcome to public school”

I saw 2 states today and it was pretty good!

Here are things I liked:

  • The songs were enjoyable 
  • It lived up to the book
  • Arjun and Alia performed really well
  • Amrita was hilarious and Ronit was spectacular
  • The scenery/cinematography was breath taking

 Overall, I recommend everyone to watch it!